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Welcome to the official Syntax Demoparty (Australia) website.

Syntax is a computer and technology festival also known as a demoparty. These occur around the world and feature realtime graphics running on old and new computers (called a demo), arduino-style and homebrew hardware, pre-rendered animations, graphics and music. People come together in a relaxed environment and share their ideas and demonstrate their work on any given platform. The next Syntax will be in Oct or November 2014! Full details TBA at Flashback 2014. Everyone who loves computers is welcome.

A mega thanks to all who came to Syntax 2013 and had a rockin' time. Check out some a short edit of some of the demo enteries from the 2013 Syntax party:

And also the Graphics enteries:

2012 years party was also awesome with a bunch of peeps of all ages and backgrounds. Checkout a video of TTT's amazing SID box and footage from the party at Syntax 2012 youtube vid.

Syntax demoparties (since 2006) have been a huge success and a rocking time for all. Melbourne, AU
Syntax Past enteries have featured a huge variety of technology - all together under one roof.

12th Nov : Videos from syntax 2013 uploaded. Thanks for coming!
17th June : New pix on front page - new compo announcments.
10th June : Syntax 2013 Dates and venue announced!
28th Nov : Syntax 2012 compo results released and published. See you next year!

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