Thursday 28th Feb : The new VOTING SYSTEM is up and online! Massive thanks to A Life in Hell for this:
It is different to the last system. You will need to enter an email that will allow you to confirm your vote.

Click here to VOTE for your favorite MUSIC
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Voting for the demo compo will become available in May. See this

Quick Links to enteries
Tracked Music - 9 Enteries
Pixel Graphics - 4 Enteries

no one (ript) - PC - beach

Jimage - PC - circulate

anakirob - hitfont - Amiga [view as gif]

cTrix - noatari - C64 [view as gif]

ps - PC - beachparty

Site last updated Feb 2008
Beach Party is an annual outdoor demoscene party / BBQ in Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on oldskool platforms our aim is to keep it genuine - no emulators! Beach Party 2008 has been and gone, but we'll be back again in 2009 for more demos, beer and good times. Thanks to everyone who came and be sure to check out the releases for both the music and pixel graphics compos.